Buying A New Home

We know that for a lot of our new homes customers the process of buying a home may be all very new to you.

Below in our guide we have mapped out the key steps involved with buying a Richmond Homes new home!

We hope it helps make a sometimes overwhelming process simple and makes you look forward to moving into your new home.

Step One >

Step One:

Pre Registration

Before you can reserve a property we ask that you have proof of funds or your mortgage approval ready from your chosen lending institution. You will also need a credit or debit card to pay your refundable booking deposit and your solicitor’s details to hand.

Step Two >

Step Two:


You will now need to pay your booking deposit to one of our sales agents who will then take your chosen property off the market. Your booking deposit is fully refundable but reserves your new home until the point that you sign your contracts.

Step Three >

Step Three:

Instruct a solicitor

Your solicitor will look over the legal details of the contracts and sale and make sure everything is in order. If you are eligible for the Help to Buy Scheme, you will need to provide your solicitor with these details. Different fees apply, so make sure you are aware of these costs and factor them into your overall budget.

Step Four >

Step Four:

Contracts Exchange

Our sales agent will issue a Sales Advice Note to all parties and from there contracts for your property will be issued by the Richmond Homes legal team. Signing and exchanging of contracts typically completes within 21 days. This allows your solicitor to review the contract. Once they are happy they will invite you to come in to sign. Once this is complete we will require the balance of your deposit.

Step Five >

Step Five:

Busy Building

While you have been looking after the paper work we have been building your new home.

Step Six >

Step Six:

Time to Inspect

Your new home is finished and its nearly time to move in. Now your new home is complete and contracts are exchanged, we will ask you to inspect your property with the presence of a Surveyor/Engineer to generate a snag list. In order to move things along we ask you return your snag list within a week of inspection. Our team will complete the agreed items on the snag; once complete we will ask you to reinspect and sign off the snag list.

Step Seven >

Step Seven:


Now that your snag list is complete, your solicitor will be in a position to requisition your loan cheque on receipt of a Completion Notice issued by our solicitors. You have 14 days to finalise the sale once the Completion Notice is issued. When our solicitor confirms that they have received the outstanding balance, our on-site team will happily hand over the keys to your new home!

Step Eight >

Step Eight:


Before you get busy moving into your new home, we would like to take some time with you to show you it's features. The customer relations team will advise on how best to maintain and service your home, and explain exactly what is covered in your warranty. We will also provide you with a Handover Pack which will include useful appliance manuals, contact numbers and documents. If you require assistance after moving in, we will also provide you with a dedicated Customer Relations contact.

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